How to make 100 dollars a day Smartly

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Do you want to know how to make 100 dollars a day?

Are you stuck in a job you don’t like, working from nine to five? Do you hate wasting time at that job? If you want a new, simple, and better way How to make 100 dollars a day, why not try making money online? The internet is a great way to make money in the 21st century!
I’ll discuss you 10 simple ways to earn money online, and some won’t even require working 8 hours daily.

1. How to make 100 dollars a day

Fast and Easy Money-Making website

💎 Survey Junkie (my ultimate favorite)
💎 Swagbucks (grab a $5 sign up bonus)
💎 MyPoints (enjoy a $10 sign up bonus)
💎 InboxDollars (get a $5 sign up bonus)

2. Earn $100 a day writing sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a type of advertising where companies work with popular people on social media or content creators to promote what they sell.

Writing sponsored posts means getting paid by companies to write positive content about their products or services on your blog or website. You simply talk about a product or brand you like, explain how you use it, and show your readers how it can benefit them too.

3. Trading in domains can make $100 a day

If you’re not familiar with the term “domain,” it’s simply a web address for a website. For example, the domain for this website is

Now, you might be wondering how you can earn a lot of money by selling these domain names. After all, they’re just names!.



Sure, I got you! Here’s the same idea using simpler language and a similar pattern:

You see, these website names are super important for businesses nowadays, as everyone wants to be online.

But not all website names can be sold for a lot of money.

Some website names are worth millions, while others are only worth a few dollars.

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How to Make $100 a Day Selling Domain Names

Head to Namecheap and search for awesome and catchy domain names that are up for grabs.

Purchase a domain that you believe companies would want to buy from you for a higher price later on. Short, one-word domains that can be branded are a smart choice.

Once you’ve bought the domain, you can put it up for sale in auctions and hope to sell it at a good price.

If you’re serious about getting into this business. Visit Hostinger

Remember, everything should be in English language. Happy exploring!

4. Earn $100 a Day as a Tutor

Lots of kids have a tough time with certain subjects in school!

Are you really good at any particular subject?

Do you believe you can help kids learn and grasp ideas in the best possible way?

If that’s true, you’re actually passing up a wonderful chance to become a private tutor.

You could teach a few kids either at their place, your place, or even online!


Sure! You can work as a private tutor and teach for about 2 to 3 hours each day. This way, you have the opportunity to earn a decent amount of money, as private tutors typically make around $25 to $30 per hour. If you teach four or five kids in a day, you can make approximately $100.

If you wish to begin teaching online, consider signing up with tutoring websites such as

In my opinion, I suggest going for in-person tutoring because it can be more beneficial and effective.

5. Make $ 100 a day with your creativity

Do you have a creative side? Are you good at painting, baking, writing, or anything like that?

Why not use your natural talents to earn some extra cash?

For example, if you’re great at baking cakes, you can create an Instagram and Facebook page to showcase your creations and start selling them!

You can also go the old-fashioned route and put up a big sign with a catchy name for your homemade bakery products – see the magic happen!

You’ll feel empowered and accomplished by sharing your skills with others!

6. Start Blogging for $100 Daily

Blogging needs time and practice to improve. The type of blog you want to create matters too.

Blogs are websites with articles and written content.

Nowadays, blogs are used for advertising, sharing opinions, giving self-help advice, digital marketing, and more.

Having a loyal audience who visits your posts regularly is very helpful.

How to Get Started a Blog

Choose a Niche
Picking the right niche is the starting point for a successful blog. Go for subjects that really interest you and have lots of people interested in them too. Popular niches include money tips, staying healthy, travel adventures, tech stuff, and more. Keep your niche wide enough to include different subtopics.

Domain and Hosting
Now that you’ve picked your main topic, it’s time to select a web address that fits your blog’s theme. Go for something catchy and easy to remember. Also, find a good hosting company to make sure your blog can be reached easily and loads fast.

Design and Layout
The way your blog looks is super important for keeping readers interested. Pick a simple and easy-to-use design that fits your topic. Add nice pictures and graphics to make it look awesome.

Keyword Research
To rank well on Google, conduct thorough keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. Identify relevant long-tail keywords with reasonable search volumes and incorporate them naturally throughout your content.

Creating High-Quality Content

Title and Heading:
When composing your content, aim for captivating titles that contain important keywords, drawing readers in and enticing them to click. To ensure easy readability, incorporate relevant headings that allow for quick scanning of the material. Stick to the English language for a seamless reading experience.

valuable content:
Create valuable content by offering information that is well-researched, original, and useful to your readers. Help them by solving their problems, answering their questions, and sharing unique insights.

Formatting Tools:
Use bullets, numbers, and bold text to organize information and make it easier to read.
Avoid overusing formatting; use them sparingly for better readability.

Incorporate Outbound Links:
Include outbound links to trusted sources like WebTechTips for more info and to back up your claims. These links boost your blog’s credibility and SEO.

Promoting Your Blog:
Use social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach more people. Share your blog posts often and ask followers to share them too.

Monetization Strategies:
Finally, Join advertising networks like Google AdSense. Display ads on your blog. Earn money based on ad views and clicks.


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7. Make $100 a day with t-shirts Design

People really love t-shirts, especially ones for special events like Halloween or Christmas – they go crazy for them!

Why not make a business out of this passion?

Design awesome event-related t-shirts and sell them through Facebook ads or other ads.

Don’t stress about printing, storing, or shipping – let Printify handle it all!

Start your t-shirt business today!

How does Printify website work

Printify is a cool website where you can create and sell your own t-shirts and more.

You can sell all sorts of things like t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and sportswear. Use the Printify Mockup Generator to make new designs or upload your own art.

Connect your Printify account to big online stores like Etsy, Shopify, eBay, and Walmart. No store yet? No problem! Open one quickly with Printify Pop-Up.

When you make a sale, Printify takes care of printing, packaging, and shipping it to your customer. Easy peasy!

Sign up and create a Printify account. It’s completely free!

With Printify, you only pay when your order goes into production. By default, orders get sent to production 24 hours after they are received. But you can adjust these settings in your Printify account, and they can vary for each of your stores. Use English language, please.

8. Want to Make $100 Daily Join Affiliate Program

Amazon has a special program that lets you sell their stuff and get paid for each sale.

They sell a lot, so you can make big money with it.

But there are rules for promoting.

To make money, you need a website about one small topic and review products in that area.

People make millions each month this way! Amazon associates

9. Achieve $100 Daily: Start Coaching Today

If you’re good at something, coaching online is a smart way to make money. Start by creating your own website to build your online presence. How much you earn will depend on your area of expertise. For example, business coaches can make around $100 per hour, and executive coaches can earn even more – $200 an hour!

10. Generate $100 Daily Income: Sell Physical Products Online

Got a cool hobby or crafty skill? Sell your creations online! Whether it’s soap, candles, jewelry, T-shirts, or art, the internet’s got a spot for it. Go for it!

Many websites like Shopify, Etsy, and Wix let you make your online store without spending too much. So, lots of chances are waiting for you!”


“Got it! I’ve listed many ways to make $100 a day. Remember, these are just ideas! Your job is to learn and master them. Building a business takes time, so choose the ideas you like, learn them well, and start hustling! Soon, you’ll be making $100 a day!”


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