How to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

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Are you interested in joining OnlyFans but prefer to keep your identity hidden? Despite the tempting financial opportunities, you may have reservations. However, you can earn substantial amounts each month, even reaching five figures, without showing your face. By understanding how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face, you can overcome any hesitations.

Use a Fake Name



Avoid using your real name while creating your account. Choose a clever fictitious name or make use of a name generator. Even when you don’t reveal your face, using your nickname or any recognisable variant enhances the likelihood that you will be recognised. Avoid providing personal information in your profile photo and description as well.

Create a Separate Email Account

Establish a new email address using the fake name you selected. Use this email solely for your no face OnlyFans account to prevent fans from tracing your identity.



Utilize Geo-blocking



Take advantage of the geo-blocking feature, which allows you to hide your OnlyFans account in specific countries. You can manage your visibility and reduce the chance of being recognized by blocking specific areas. Additionally, you can block particular people, noting the reason why in case they alter their name or profile image so you remember. You can keep secret from your loved ones and close friends by blocking users based on their IP addresses.

Conceal Identifying Marks


Cover up any birthmarks, tattoos, or scars that might give up your identify. These distinctive qualities can help your audience recognise you more easily. To effectively hide them, use cosmetics, Photoshop, or well-placed angles in your images. Maintaining anonymity can also be helped by clothing and accessories.

Use a Voice Changer



To hide your real voice, think about using a voice changer. Even though it’s impossible that someone will recognize you just by the sound of your voice, doing so is an extra security measure to avoid suspicion from those who know you.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Pay close attention to your environment to ensure it does not give away your identity. Avoid sharing photos taken in recognizable outdoor locations, as even blurred faces can lead to identification. Be cautious of landmarks, restaurants, buildings, sunglasses, windows, and license plates that may inadvertently reveal your whereabouts or reflect your face.

Hide Your Face With Masks and Props

Wearing a mask or using something else can successfully cover your identity if you’d rather avoid the effort of blurring or altering your face. Masks provide your material something unique in addition to safeguarding your privacy. Try out various masks that fit nicely and showcase your selling qualities.


Tips for gaining followers on OnlyFans without revealing your identity



Let’s talk about how to make money now that you know how to create an OnlyFans account without revealing your identity. For your account to become profitable and gain a following, you must engage in promotion.

Find a Profitable Niche

Certain niches work well for no face OnlyFans creators. Concentrate on particular body parts or uncommon topics that reduce the significance of the face. Examples include slim girls, content showcasing particular physical features (such as boobs, ass, or feet), muscular or fit people, people with tattoos, or anything relating to BDSM.

Focus on Your Body

Create content that specifically highlights and focuses on your body instead of your face. By catering to specific fetishes or preferences, you can attract a dedicated audience. Concentrate on producing high-quality content that showcases your best features. You can draw supporters by catering to particular fetishes or preferences. Focus on creating excellent content that highlights your best qualities.

Create Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms provide an excellent avenue for promoting your OnlyFans account without revealing your face. However, avoid using personal accounts and instead open new ones with the same fake name and email address as before. Starting from scratch may be challenging, but it is necessary to maintain anonymity. Begin by utilizing platforms like Reddit, where you can post in communities with a large user base. Reddit is a great place to start with because it doesn’t need a large following. Millions of users have communities where you can post. 

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