Haven Life Insurance Reviews 2023 (Top choice)

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Haven Life is like a company that helps take care of people’s families when they can’t be there anymore. It’s all done on the computer, so no paperwork. If you don’t like going to the doctor, they can still help you get insurance. Haven Life started in 2015 and it’s part of another big company called MassMutual.

Haven Life only does one type of insurance called “term life.” This means they help for a certain amount of time. Some rules change depending on where you live. Sometimes MassMutual helps with the insurance, and sometimes another company called C.M. Life Insurance Company does. Haven Life doesn’t do other types of insurance that last forever, like “whole” or “universal” insurance. But if you just need help for a while, Haven Life might be a good choice.

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Haven Life Insurance Reviews: Real People’s Opinions

Haven Term Life Insurance


There’s a company called Haven Life that offers a special type of insurance. This insurance helps take care of your family if something happens to you. To get this insurance, you need to fill out a form online. The form asks you some important health questions. If you qualify, which means you’re healthy enough, you’ll get a “yes” to start.

This insurance is supported by two big companies, MassMutual and CM Life. They help make sure the insurance works well. But sometimes, they might need to check your health more thoroughly.

This special insurance, called Haven Term, is for people up to 64 years old all over the country. It can cover a lot of money, even up to $3 million! If something happens to you and the insurance pays, the money your family gets is tax-free. This means they don’t have to pay taxes on it, except in certain situations.

You can choose how long you want this insurance to last, like 10, 20, or 30 years. And the price you pay every month stays the same. But the cool thing is, if you get sick and it’s not going to get better, you can use some of the insurance money before it’s done. This can help pay for doctor bills and other important things.



When the insurance ends, if you’re still okay, you don’t get any more money. But if you ever get sick during the time the insurance is active, you can use some of the money to help with important stuff. And when you’re gone, your family gets the rest of the money to help them.

So, this special insurance from Haven Life is like a safety net for your family. It helps them if you’re not around and need help with money.

Types of Coverage Offered by Haven Life

Haven Life is like a helper for your family’s future. They have a special plan called “level-term life insurance.” This plan is like a promise that they will give money to your family if something happens to you. The good thing is that the price you pay for this promise stays the same for a certain time. This time can be 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years if you’re not too old.

When you get older, like 65 years old, the promise might need to change a little bit. You can choose to keep the promise going, but the price could get a little higher. They also have some rules about how much promise they can give. If you’re younger than 60, they can promise up to $2 million. But if you’re older, they can only promise up to $1 million.

If you like using the computer, Haven Life is cool because they have a special place on the internet where you can do important things for your promise. You can change who the promise is for, update how you pay, make the promise a little smaller if you don’t need so much, and even change who gets the promised money.

So, Haven Life is like a friendly company that makes promises to help your family and lets you do important things online.


Haven Life Coverage Limits

The people who can get this promise are those who are between 18 and 64 years old and live in the United States. They need to be like official citizens or residents with special papers like a visa or green card. But, if someone is in the military or planning to join, they can’t get this promise for now.

Haven Life only gives this special promise for a certain time, kind of like borrowing a book from the library. Other companies might also give promises that never end, but Haven Life’s promise doesn’t turn into that kind.


One more thing, this promise is only for regular life things, not for business things. It’s like having a special jacket just for staying warm, not for doing work things. So, if someone wants a promise for their business, they need to look somewhere else.

Remember, Haven Life’s promise is like a helpful shield for families, but it’s not for businesses and not for people in the military.


Haven Life Insurance Rider Options

Haven Life offers special extras you can add to your life insurance, kind of like adding cool stuff to your favorite game.

Extra Help if You’re Sick:
If someone is really and doctors think they might not have much time left (less than a year), Haven Life gives some of the money they would get after they’re gone, while they’re still alive. This helps pay for things like doctors and medicines. This extra thing doesn’t cost extra money and gives either $250,000 or 75% of the money, whichever is smaller. But when the sick person passes away, their family gets a bit less money.

Help When You Can’t Work:
Sometimes, people get hurt or sick so badly that they can’t work anymore. Haven Life’s extra thing helps in this situation. If this happens before someone turns 65 and they can’t work for at least six months, they don’t have to pay for their life insurance anymore, but they’ll still be covered. The only rule is you can’t get this if you buy the insurance after you’re 50.

Not Everything is Here:
While Haven Life has some extras, they don’t have all the extras. Some other companies have even more extras, like an extra that gives money if something happens to your kids. If you want those extras, you have to choose a different company.


Remember, it’s like picking the right toys for your game. Not all games have the same toys, so you pick the one with the toys you like the most.

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Haven Life Insurance Cost

There are two types of plans from Haven Life. Let’s look at the prices for each plan for a man and a woman who can get the most benefits. We will also compare the prices of the best plans from Haven Life with and without tobacco use.




Coverage Limit

Haven Term ($)

Tobacco Use






























When people use tobacco, the prices go up a lot. So, for the best health, the first plan costs more when we add tobacco use. Also, men pay more than women for this plan. If people are okay with answering questions about their health, they get a big discount on the price.

Effortless Claim Filing with Haven Life: Here’s How

Filing a Claim with Haven Life:

Initiate Contact: Reach out to Haven Life’s claims team via phone or online portal.

Provide Documentation: Submit required documents such as death certificate and policy details.

Claim Review: Haven Life reviews the submitted documents and assesses the claim.

Evaluation: The claim is evaluated for validity and coverage verification.

Claim Resolution: Once approved, Haven Life processes the claim and provides the payout.

Haven Life Customer Reviews

If you’re looking at different companies that offer life insurance (which is like a plan to help your family if something happens to you), there are two things you should pay attention to: whether people who use the company like it and if the company has enough money to help when needed.

When people feel good about the company’s service, it means they’re happy with how the company treats them. If a company has lots of happy customers, it’s a good sign.

haven-life-insurance-reviewsAlso, the company should have enough money to pay the money promised in the insurance policy. If it doesn’t have enough money, you might not be able to help your family when they need it.

There’s a company called J.D. Power that checks if people are happy with the insurance companies. They give them scores. Even though Haven Life didn’t get a score directly, its parent company, MassMutual, got a good score. This means that many people using MassMutual are happy with their service.

Another thing to know is that some companies get very few complaints. This is a good thing. MassMutual and C.M. Life Insurance don’t get many complaints, which shows that people don’t have big problems with them.

MassMutual is also really good with money. They got the highest score from a company called AM Best, which means they have a lot of money and can help people when they need it. Since Haven Life and C.M. Life Insurance are connected to MassMutual, it’s a good sign for them too.

So, when picking an insurance company, remember to check if people like it and if it’s good with money. That way, your family will be taken care of if something happens to you.

Haven Life Accessibility

Haven Life is a service that you can access in every state of the United States, including Washington, D.C. This service has different options, but they might not be the same in every place.

One option is called Haven Term. It’s available for people all across the country. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can get this option.

Another option is called Haven Simple. Unfortunately, this choice is not available if you live in certain states. These states are California, Delaware, New York, North Dakota, and South Dakota. If you’re in one of these places, you won’t be able to choose Haven Simple.

Is Haven Life Right for You? Find Out

Haven Life offers life insurance, but it might not be the best choice for everyone. If you read this review and feel like it’s not the right fit for you, you can check out other similar companies mentioned below.

Haven Life vs. USAA

USAA only gives life insurance to military people, veterans, and their families who meet the rules. If you can get this insurance, it’s a good idea to learn more about it. People say USAA is good at helping customers and they have special things for military members. Another option is Haven Life. They don’t have military rules, so if you can’t get USAA, Haven Life might be a good choice.

Haven Life vs. Nationwide

If you don’t like the insurance choices that Haven Life gives you because they don’t have many, you might like to check out Nationwide. Nationwide has lots of different types of insurance plans, extra things you can add to your plan, and ways to easily use your plan, and many people are happy with them.

Nationwide also has a high score for making its customers happy. They also do banking and other types of insurance, so if you want to get everything from one company, that could be good for you.

But, Haven Life’s “Haven Plus” add-on gives you many services that Nationwide doesn’t have. This might make some people like Haven Life’s plans more.

Haven Life vs. State Farm

If you don’t like the choices of insurance plans that Haven Life has, you might like to consider Nationwide instead. Nationwide has different kinds of insurance plans, extra options you can add, ways to easily use their services, and many customers are happy with them. Nationwide also has banking and other insurance things you might like if you want everything from one place. But Haven Life’s Haven Plus add-on offers some services that Nationwide doesn’t have, which some people might like.

Haven Life Insurance Reviews FAQ

Is Haven Life a good insurance company?

Haven Life could be a good choice if you want to get life insurance for a certain period. They have something called “Haven Plus” which gives you extra benefits if you join. Another company called MassMutual owns Haven Life, and they also get good scores from experts.

How Much Coverage Should I Buy with Haven?

The right life insurance depends on your goals. An expert considers factors like age and health to determine coverage. Older individuals may need less for final expenses, while younger ones aiming to secure their future might opt for larger coverage, even up to $3 million with Haven’s plans. Expert guidance ensures a tailored plan.

When Should I Buy Life Insurance with Haven?

As you age, finding suitable life insurance becomes tougher. Securing coverage is easier and more affordable when you’re a healthy 20-year-old compared to being 60. Haven insurance follows age-related rules – the younger you are, the better your chances. Waiting too long might lead to ineligibility.

Haven Life Insurance Reviews Summary

Haven Life is a new company that started in 2015. The boss, Yaron Ben-Zvi, helped start it. Even though it’s young, lots of people like it, because they’re nice to customers and their prices, are good. They’re one of the top companies for life insurance, which is like a plan to help your family if something happens to you.

They also have something cool. If you’re healthy enough, you can get their insurance without going to the doctor for a check-up. People who use this like it a lot because it’s super fast and you can do it all on the computer.

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